Ukulele Summer 2022 Issue 37 Video

You’ve got the Summer 2022 issue of Ukulele and you’re ready to start playing. This is your one-stop destination for video lessons, gear reviews, and more, so grab your uke and play your way through the latest issue!

Victoria Vox Performs 2 New Songs | Ukulele Sessions

Eddie Scher and Melina Selveston Perform Irving Berlin‘s “Blue Skies”

Daniel Ward Teaches You the Building Blocks of Good Ukulele Technique

Samantha Muir Teaches Classical Campanella for Ukulele with a Fernando Sor Etude

Lil Rev Blues Arpeggio Lesson

Greg Olwell Demos the Blackbird Farallon Tenor Ukulele

Eddie Scher Demos 2 New Kala Tenor Ukuleles