Uke Basics

ukulele slide blues

How to Play Bottleneck Blues with Slide on Ukulele

By Fred Sokolow Using a bottleneck or slide is one of the most soulful, bluesy things a guitarist can do—when it’s done right. Slide sounds great when you’re playing the blues, or gospel music, but it also works wonders in…


Play 3 Essential Hawaiian Strums

How to Play 3 Essential Hawaiian Ukulele Strums

By Steven Espaniola A well-strummed ukulele is the heartbeat of traditional Hawaiian music. For every melodious steel-guitar part, beautiful three-part vocal harmony, and foot-tapping upright bass line, there is a pulsating foundation of a solid ukulele strum at its core. When…


John Denver & The IV Chord

by Jim D’Ville Sure he had those boyish good looks—the impish smile, wire-rim glasses, and floppy hat. But it was his extensive use of the IV chord in his music which commanded us to turn over our hearts to him.…