Eddy Finn EF-3-C

It’s not easy to leave your mark in the growing world of affordable ukes, where most instruments use the same familiar designs. And yet, companies continue to introduce instruments that make you say, “I haven’t seen that before.” In the case of Eddy Finn ukes, you might even think, “I haven’t smelled that before.” Yes, you read that right, one of Eddy Finn’s trademarks (recognized by the US Patent and Trade Office) is that their ukes are infused with a tropical scent. If you’re a uke or guitar aficionado who likes to poke his nose in the soundhole to see what the wood smells like (I’m certainly guilty!), when you take a whiff of an Eddy Finn uke, you’ll be greeted with a mixture of coconut and tropical fruit, not sawdust.