‘Are You Lonesome Tonight?’ Fingerstyle Ukulele for Beginners


“Are You Lonesome Tonight?” was written by Charles Hart in 1927, but didn’t really get popular until a big band version cracked the Billboard top 20 in 1950, which led to Elvis recording and releasing his million-selling version in 1960. This fingerstyle ukulele arrangement plays closer to Hart’s original version, with a brilliant crescendo of emotion toward the end not only tugging at the heartstrings but also giving ukulele players something to work on for the left hand!

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In this tutorial we’ll learn a beginner grade 3 arrangement of “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” for fingerstyle ukulele. This is not for the absolute beginner but is easy enough for anyone with 5-10 songs under their belt to try.


There are no challenges for the right hand besides the usage of proper right-hand posture and free stroke technique. For the left hand, you’ll encounter a few challenges in shifting chords, as well as a few spots where you have to be careful to maintain legato. There are a few difficult chord fingerings that might be new to your fingers.

To fully learn this song, expect a 2-5 week commitment depending on your level. Happy picking!

"Are You Lonesome Tonight" ukulele fingerstyle tutorial music notation 1
"Are You Lonesome Tonight" ukulele fingerstyle tutorial music notation 2

Mustafa Kamaliddin is a ukulele and guitar teacher specializing in fingerstyle playing. You can see more of his videos in his Ukulele Fingerstyle Basics Course and on his YouTube channel.