Learn to Play an Easy Ukulele Arrangement of ‘Happy and You Know It’


Baby Songs and Lullabies for Beginning Ukulele is a collection of traditional, easy-to-play songs for babies, toddlers, and families.

Why learn songs for little ones? Award-winning musician, author, and educator Peter Penhallow says:

“I learned music by emulating my own mother, who had picked it up from her father. And I had the great fortune of being an accompanist for many years at a preschool music program where parents would accompany their kids and encourage them to sing. I met and worked with many of those kids later and was struck by their poise, confidence, and good pitch and rhythm. Although they had no conscious recollection of their earlier training, surely it helped give them a solid foundation in music. So playing and singing these songs is rewarding not only for you but for the next generation.”

Here you’ll find everything you need to learn to play “Happy and You Know It,” including lyrics, chords, notation, and TAB. This is just one of 14 songs in the complete guide (available exclusively in the Ukulele Store.)


This children’s favorite is a great warmup and activity song. You can easily improvise verses—try replacing “clap your hands” with “play guitar,” for instance. The two quarter-rests in measure 2 indicate where to clap your hands! This is a simple three-chord progression sweetened with one additional chord. In the key of G, the Em in measure 6 nicely assists the G, C, and D7. Notice that the first two notes antici­pate the first measure. These are known as pickup notes.

Since I was crazy about Elvis Presley’s “Hound Dog” when I was about three years old, I get particular pleasure out of Little Richard’s rockin’ rendition of this tune on his children’s album, Shake It All About.

Happy and You Know It Ukulele Notation Music

With a little practice, you should soon be entertaining your family and friends with this upbeat song. The complete Baby Songs and Lullabies for Beginning Ukulele will teach you to play 14 tradition folk favorites, including “Mockingbird,” “All the Pretty Horses,” “Brahms’ Lullaby,” and more.

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