Songs for Beginners: Learn a Fingerstyle Ukulele Arrangement of ‘Home on the Range’


In this beginner ukulele fingerstyle arrangement and tutorial we’ll take a look at an easy arrangement of “Home On The Range.” This should take you two to four weeks to finish depending on your current skill level.

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This arrangement is in the key of F Major so expect to see F major, Bb major, and C major chords, as well as some variations such as C7 and A minor chords.

The form is fairly simple and includes some repeats. The verse has two phrases. Phrase one is 4 bars (A) plus another 4 bars (B) for a total of 8 bars long in length. Phrase two is 4 bars (A) plus 4 bars of a new section (C).


The chorus uses two phrases as well, but borrows one of them from the verse. It begins with phrase 3, which is 8 bars long. Then it follows with phrase 2 from the verse.

This means that once you learn the first 4 bars of the song, you’ve pretty much learned half the piece. This makes it easier to memorize and perform live without sheet music, so take advantage of this and push your limits to try and play it as soon as you can without depending on the music. This will help get you off of the page and into the song, which will make for a better and more satisfying performance.

As usual, the video tutorial above includes tabs and notation with diagrams to help you follow along with me.

Mustafa Kamaliddin is a ukulele and guitar teacher specializing in fingerstyle playing. You can see more of his videos in his Ukulele Fingerstyle Basics Course and on his YouTube channel.

ukulele fingerstyle Home on the Range music notation
ukulele fingerstyle Home on the Range music notation 2