001_Cover.inddEnter the world of the uke lifestyle and its vibrant community. This special section features a snapshot into the lives of 7 diverse players; an illustration of two ukers and their essential clothes, accessories, and attitudes; a guide to where ukers eat and drink and mingle with recipes for you to try at home; and a look at the latest travel trend — uke-themed cruises! Plus in-depth profiles on Gracie Terzian, who is taking the NYC jazz scene by storm; Maui’s very own uke jam band, Kanekoa; the innovative Italian string manufacturer Aquila; and the Nashville Uke Society. There are also songs by Bruno Mars, Adele, and Tchaikovsky to learn; a guide to changing strings in 7 steps; and a lesson in mastering blues fingerpicking. Gear Reviews: Opal Hollow Body, Eastman EU80E, and Ortega’s Lizard-CC-GB. Bonus: special Stage and Studio supplement, with performance and recording tips and products.


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