Taimane and her band stopped by the Ukulele studio for an exclusive performance while on a recent warm-up tour ahead of the June 5 release of her latest album, Elemental.

Joined by guitarist Jazzy Jazz and percussionist Jonathan Heraux on cajon (and forks), Taimane played three pieces for our cameras: “Hades,” “Fire,” and the solo piece “Water.”



For for “Fire,” she used her 5-string custom Kamaka, which uses a doubled G string (both high- and low-Gs), and a ‘Oi baritone, made by Santa Barbara luthier Kevin Gillies, which she used to record most of the new album, for the other two pieces. The baritone is made of mango and featured a deep body and a big, warm tone. Taimane plugged into an Earthquaker Dispatch Master digital reverb and delay and she and Jazzy went into Radial PZ-DI passive direct box. Everyone was recorded by a Tascam DR-70D.

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