Ukulele Sessions: James Hill & Anne Janelle Play Traditional Tunes with Cello and Vocals


James Hill and Anne Janelle play three songs for our cameras on this Ukulele Session. The first two are old-time classics, one with vocals by Anne Janelle, followed up with an original written by James Hill.


  • “Blackberry Blossom”
  • “Ah, Poor Bird” with vocal by Anne Janelle
  • “Promenade,” an original written and sung by James Hill

On his set, James played three ukes, a signature tenor built by Berkeley, California maker Mike DaSilva and two baritones made by Mya-Moe, of White Salmon, Washington. One baritone is tuned standard (capoed at the second fret), while the other one is tuned to a unique tuning that James developed. The second baritone is tuned B E B E, with the two B strings tuned in unison.