Wow! 20 lucky winners each won 3 sets of Aquila strings. Join us in congratulating Christine Groce, Brian Mills, Tyneisha Fondren, Vicki Andrew, Sheila Ruof, Kathy Davis, Lissa Story, Marilyn Wons, Colin Moore, John Berger, Brady Woodall, David Bogetz, Damla Kayihan, Carlos Villanueva, Jennifer Barnett, Mitch Hopper, Julieta Ayala, Jaydee Dusenberry, Stephanie Belart, and Jon Walsh!

Enter the giveaway for your chance to win three sets of ukulele strings from Italian string maker, Aquila – retail value $50 (20 winners)


Soprano: Genuine Gut Strings Set
Tenor: Red Series Set
Concert: All New Nylgut® Set
Giveaway ended February 28, 2014

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