Uke Logic Strings Now Available!

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Uke Logic strings are made from extremely high quality “super fluorocarbon”. A formula of fluorocarbon that is more abrasion resistant, higher density, and tonally different from the average fluorocarbon ukulele string. They are an excellent choice for players looking for an easy touch and the iridescent color also gives them a visually appealing look.

Physically enjoyable to play, they allow your fingers to glide effortlessly and silently. The soft tension Low G has a pleasant warm tone, with a comfortable light tension that is a welcome upgrade for players who find the average fluorocarbon string to be stiff, hard, and painful on their fingertips.

The Hard tension Low G has a heavier gauge* and increased tension, this allows it to feel more balanced with the tension of the other 3 strings on your Ukulele. Players comment that the string does not overpower the rest of the set and is a good choice for players who feel that the average unwound low G feels too “floppy” or drones on too long and overpowers the other strings. It also significantly reduces fret buzz compared to the average unwound low G.

Original raw materials made in JAPAN, formulated and designed for the ukulele by Uke Logic in HAWAII, USA.

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