27 Ukulele-Heavy @Instagram Accounts We Love

By Greg Olwell

There’s simply no way to list everyone we love on the popular photo-sharing app, but there are a few accounts that keep posting the good stuff that we love seeing in our @ukulelemagazine feed.

Looking for some favorites of your own? Try searching for hashtags like #ukulele, #ukelele, and #koa.



@jakeshimabukuro The man himself! Jake travels a lot and he uses his Instagram feed to keep us motivated and up-to-date on his adventures playing, touring, and now, fixing ukuleles!

@aaronckeim Musician, author, teacher, ukulele builder, Oregon’s Aaron Keim does it all, but one of the things he’s most known for is building ukuleles. Under his own Bean Sprout brand and for Mya-Moe, Aaron cranks out many ukuleles, which he regularly documents on his page.

@maskedmario Known to many as “Masked Mario,” Mario Takada is a ukulele virtuoso who regularly performs with the Sweet Hollywaiians, a Japanese band with a taste for snappy vintage style and vintage string-band music.

@jhuilele He may not be the most-active ‘Gram user, but ukulele master James Hill is an essential follow.

@ry0ukulele Ryo Natoyama‘s daily video posts of him deftly playing his tenor ukulele are always sweet, inspiring, entertaining, and jaw-dropping.

@craigcheesus One of the hardest-working people on the uke globe, Craig Chee‘s feed is full of life.

@danielleatethesandwich Full of ukuleles, songs, and warm goofiness Danielle Ate the Sandwich always has something fun going on. Alert: There are very few photos of sandwiches in her feed.

@kamuke Cameron Murray edits the Australian ukulele magazine Kamuke and documents his serious uke-fandom and adventures.

@edukecator An active teacher and player based in Austin, Texas, ed-uke-ator Kevin Carroll‘s love of ukulele run deep. Look for lots of guest stars in his feed.


@learntouke Lorraine Bow and her friends at Learn To Uke share shots from the adult ukulele classes they teach in London, plus short tips and song videos.

@taimane When you live in Oahu like ripping player Taimane Gardner, you don’t really need filters on your shots, everything comes out gorgeous.

@uketeacher One of the biggest ukulele stars of YouTube, John Atkins has one of the most popular IG feeds in the Uke-o-sphere.

@ajofficial Young as he is, Aidan James is on fiya. The island native is way into using his uke to create loops and catchy new music.


@wellyukes Recently featured in the magazine, New Zealand’s Wellington Ukulele Orchestra shares the love.

@langleyukeensemble The Langley Ukulele Ensemble is an electrifying ensemble from British Columbia,


@blackbirdguitar Made from composites, the ukuleles made by Blackbird Guitars are meant to go anywhere and stand up to any abuse hardcore travelers might throw at them. So, TL;DR version, pretty ukes in pretty locations

@elderlyinstruments Based in Lansing, Michigan, Elderly Instruments is one of the grand-dames of the vintage instrument market and its owner Stan Werbin and staff has deep love for the ukulele. They post many different things, but there is plenty of ukulele love in their feed.

@kalabrandmusic Ukulele powerhouse Kala celebrates the ukulele with its instruments, players, fans, and ukulele gear.

@kamakahawaii Century-old Hawaiian ukulele builder Kamaka features great shots of the company’s lovely little ukuleles.

@kanileaukulele Ukulele maker Kanile’a‘s feed is full of local Oahu players and friends.

@koalohaukulele Striking images of KoAloha‘s ukuleles keep up tapping <3


@ohanaukuleles Ohana Ukuleles shows off many of its vintage- and modern-styled ukuleles.

@outdoorukulele Semi-transparent polycarbonate ukuleles from Outdoor Ukuleles‘ are priced modestly and seemed to be made for great shots of ukuleles in natural surroundings.

@thestrumshop Based in Roseville, California, outside of Sacramento, The Strum Shop is one of the epicenter’s of the West Coast ukulele scene.

@ukelifeco Part lifestyle brand, part charity, Uke Life Co has an active feed spreading the love about all things ukulele.

@uspacela Los Angeles ukulele cafe, performance space, and shop, U-Space

@winkler_woods If you like koa as much as we do, check out Winkler Woods.