Abe Lagrimas Jr’s album ‘Rhythm & Uke’

Abe’s Rhythm

Abe Lagrimas Jr. - Rhythm & Uke

Multi-instrumentalist Abe Lagrimas Jr. uses his extensive jazz training to weave complex rhythms into lounge-style instrumentals that draw from Hawaiian, folk, and contemporary music. Playing both ukulele and drums, Lagrimas is accompanied by Hamilton Price on bass, but—as the title Rhythm & Uke implies—this album is all about the big sound that can come from four strings.

On “Run” in particular, Lagrimas’ flamenco-influenced fingerpicking dominates the entire three-minute song. “Back at It” and “A Neighborhood Stroll,” two of the album’s longer tracks, display his talent for composing for a jazz trio, allowing each instrument room to breathe amid shifting melodies.He closes with a cover of “Namida no Kiss,” in which the high notes sparkle in a way few uke players can pull off.


This article originally appeared in the Spring 2015 issue of Ukulele magazine.
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Spring 2015 Ukulele Magazine