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What do hairless guinea pigs, a hedgehog, a cockatoo, a bunny, and a squirrel have in common? Their passion for ukulele, of course!

When we put the call out for photo submissions of ukuleles and pets — which ran in the Spring issue — we had no idea that there was a “Ukulele Hedgehog” named Napkin, who has her own song (watch above), or that Cookie the cockatoo played a Makala Dolphin.

Behold all these exotic creatures and their pet ukuleles:


Steven O. Sellers.Napkin, the Ukulele Hedgehog, and she has her own song (see youtube)

Melissa.My kitty cat Luna with my Luna ukulele,  a pair of skinny pigs (hairless guinea pigs ) with my first Luna ukulele  and my kitty Luna and my dog Koli who photo bombed th



Daniel Scott Schiffer.Cassie comes by every morning when I play my Leho tenor