Kittens, Cats, Felines and Their Pet Ukuleles: Photos

We had so many great photo submissions of ukuleles and pets that we couldn’t fit them all into one spread in the Spring 2016 issue (see below). Stay tuned for your dog and other pet photo submissions to appear on the blog!


Uke Pets Ukulele Magazine

And now for all of the glorious cat photos—safe for those of you who are allergic (what a cruel fate).

Tricia Baxter.Henry her nephew kitten
Rob Porras.Kali with my homemade Baritone Bajolele
Rusty sleeping with Snail ukulele
Nina Miller.Trixie in 5-string O'Hana Tenor uke case
Staci Blevins - cat Keoki with my two custom ukuleles by Chuck Moore of Moore Bettah Ukuleles
Lisa Lorimer.Oscar demands attention as she attempts to practice with a Luna tenor uke.
Kelsey to ask her name
Carolyn Landers. cat named Tilly