Bohemian Guitars Introduces Line of Ukes

Bohemian Guitars has made quite a splash with its oilcan-bodied instruments, which have already landed in the hands of artists from G. Love to Valerie June to Hozier. Just recently, the company unveiled its Boho Series 2.0, and included in that series are the first-ever Bohemian ukuleles: metal-bodied electric soprano ukes with nickel-wound strings. Like the guitars, the ukes will feature maple necks with rosewood fingerboards, chrome hardware, and hollow metal oilcan bodies fitted with an internal wood frame for enhanced amplification and structural integrity. The line is being launched with assistance from an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Check out the above demo by company co-founder Shaun Lee.


You can pre-order a Boho Uke for $99 at Bohemian’s Indiegogo page; delivery is expected to take place in December of 2015.