At Summer NAMM 2017, Journey Instruments released its new concert, tenor, and soprano ukuleles, including a J-Uke UC310E, a solid top mahogany uke with an arched back. Also on display was the J-Uke UC770C, a meranti solid top ukulele with scoopaway and Sitka bracing. (Both styles come in concert and tenor sizes.) Last was the J-Uke US470CTE, a supersoprano, thin-bodied ukulele with a solid Sitka spruce top, arched meranti back, and rosewood scoopaway.

Journey ukes all come with Journey’s protective travel bags that include a rain cover, elastic front compartment, study zippers, and carabiner connectors to attach to a backpack.


Watch the video for a musical demo and more info from James at Journey.

Watch more videos from Summer NAMM 2017 here.

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