Lil Rev, a popular performer, author, and teacher (and regular contributor to Ukulele), will be teaching and performing across much of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic in May and June.


The focus of his tour will be teaching workshops based on his recent book, Intros, Endings & Turnarounds for Ukulele: Spice Up Your Uke Repertoire with These Timeless Chestnuts as well as performances at many ukulele clubs, music festivals, house concerts, and private events. Many concerts are planned with loads of new songs to share as well as all the great Americana- and roots-based repertoire, that Rev is known for.

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The Tour Dates

5-29-19     Steel City Ukes     Pittsburgh, PA

5-31-19     Belfast Ukulele Festival     Belfast, Maine

6-3-19     Mainly Ukes     Portland, Maine

6-4-19     Portsmouth Senior Center     Portsmouth, New Hampshire

6-5-19     Glastonbury Ukulele Band     Glastonbury, CT (W.Doctor Uke)


6-6-19 & 6-7-19     Harvard Uke Groups     Harvard, MA

6-11-19     Private House Concert     Richmond, VA

6-13-19     House of Musical Traditions     Rockville MD

6-14-19     Private House Concert     Kensington, MD

6-15-19     The Jefferson Center     Roanoke, VA

6-19-19     Funky Frets Music Store     Boyertown, PA

6-22-19     The Puffin Cultural Forum     Teaneck, NJ


6-23-19     The Folk Project     Rockaway, NJ

6-28-19     Old Songs Music Festivals     Altamont, NY


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