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Do you live and breathe the aloha spirit?

If so, and you’re not already in Hawaii, the next best place to be on September 7 might just be Seattle, Washington.


The seventh annual Live Aloha Hawaii Cultural Festival will take place at that day from 11 a.m.-7 p.m. at the Seattle Center.

In addition to a Musubi-eating contest, and a Hawaiian crafts fair, the central attraction will be a giant, four-song ukulele jam session that is expected to bring together at least 600 strummers from the area. Via the festival’s website:

Do you own an ukulele? Bring it on down and join us in the fun! Songs include: Haole Hula (F), Ka Na`i Aupuni (C), There’s No Place Like Hawai`i (F), Alu Like (F), E Huli Makou!