At a time when concert venues are shuttered, COVID-19 has been especially challenging, both mentally and financially, for guitarists who rely on performing for their livelihoods. When the virus swept through the United States in March, MusiCares—a non-profit that supports musicians in times of crisis—established MusiCares COVID-19 Relief. This fund offers assistance to those dealing with lost gigs, illnesses, potential evictions, and other emergencies.


Now in the seventh month of the global pandemic, MusiCares has launched its first annual Wellness in Music survey. Open to all professional musicians 18 and older with at least five years of working experience, it is designed to “assess the music community’s mental health and wellness to better inform MusiCares of the needs facing their clients.” The survey went live on October 10 (coinciding with World Mental Health Day) and will be open through November 9, 2020, with results released early next year.

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