The Ukulele Holiday Gift Guide!


With the holidays just around the corner, our staff has been busy getting ready for the season by scouring the internet for fun themed videos and images to share, writing up holiday articles, and adding new inventory to the store. Though we love all of our products (you can see our Staff Picks section for more ideas, too) we’re particularly loving these next items for gift giving season. So, take a peek and be inspired! Because, you know what they say…’tis the season.


Ukulele Glass Ornament


Just look at that adorable ornament and try to say “no”! With its rich color and snazzy sparkles, this little ukulele is sure to bring cheer wherever it is hung. We love how detailed this uke is, from that lovely hibiscus to the sparkling frets, and we bet you will love it, too. Add it to the ornament collection for your tree, hang it from your rearview mirror, or even class up the joint by hanging it in your cubicle (like some of us over here…)!


DIY Uke Kit


Our creative team recently designed and made one of these awesome DIY ukes and had a blast! We totally think this kit makes a great gift and even recommend working together with a loved one. Watch our time-lapse video of our process for some inspiration.



The Classic White Tee


We love getting nice and comfy in our Ukulele shirt and totally recommend you do the same. And, as a holiday season special, we are discounting our classic white tee 25% off! It makes the perfect gift for a loved one or a snuggly addition to your lounge wear, so make sure to nab one while the gettin’ is good.


Charming Chord Cubes

CC Uke Stacked

Ever since these delightful cubes arrived in our offices, we haven’t been able to get enough of how adorable they are. Handcrafted items are so precious and the beauty of the wood and printing on these blocks is particularly pleasing. We recommend giving the blocks a toss to see what cubes land where and try playing what appears! It’s a fun exercise that could lead to some awesome songwriting. Or, get a set to encourage a younger uker to start playing more.



Ukulele Phone Case


Now you can deck out your phone with a cute and classic hand drawn Ukulele print! This print shows off drawings submitted by Ukulele community members like you. Show your love of this delightful little instrument and decorate your phone! Also available in Black/White and Blue/Black!


Whatever strikes your fancy this holiday season, make sure to still take a peek at the other items in our store. We’ve got some fun goodies just waiting to be wrapped up and sent off to someone special.