Ukulele Band to Open their Own Pub

1913484_10152016528757253_124552556_oWe’ll drink to this.

The British ukulele band the Everly Pregnant Brothers will assume control of The Shakespeare at Heeley, a long neglected pub south of Sheffield.

“The idea was sparked over a pint after we’d come out of rehearsals,” Richard Bailey, one of the band’s members, told the Publican’s Morning Advertiser. “It’s taken two years to find the right venue and negotiate the best deal.”


Bailey went on to say that the pub had “fallen into a pretty bad state,” and that extensive repairs will be necessary to “make it the great boozer it once was.”

To our ears, this all has the makings of a very madcap indie film, and one with a really fantastic soundtrack.

For more information on the Everly Pregnant Brothers, check out the band’s Facebook page. And for the full article in the Publican’s Morning Advertiser, click here.