They’re British ukers with a cause.

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Since January, the Hartlepool Ukulele Group has raised just over $3,400 for Hartlepool & District Hospice by playing gigs around the English seaside town. 

“Anybody who has lost someone they love after being in the hospice, knows what a service it provides,” Hartlepool Ukulele Group founder Geoff Lilley told the Hartlepool Mail


The members of the group lead by example, donating a good chunk of cash up front.

“All of the members do it for the fun, we just charge a set fee which tends to be around the £50 mark [approximately $85], and that is put straight into our hospice fund. We also always ask to put hospice buckets down for people to put money in,” Lilley said.

Check out the group performing the song “Pearly Shells” at 2014’s Headland Festival.