Warning: Ukes Are Invading Local Libraries

Going cross-eyed from reading too much small print at the library? Relax. Sit back. Breathe. Go to the check-out desk. Take home a uke.

You saw that right.

In Pennsylvania, patrons can now check out ukuleles at local libraries. According to a January report at Smithsonian, the Allegheny Ukulele Kollective is helping to get ukes into libraries in the central part of the state. Four libraries are currently participating, but eventually 32 regional libraries in four counties will carry the tiny instruments–and even train uke-savvy librarians to help patrons choose the right one.


From the story:

On its website, the Kollective writes that it will train at least one librarian per site so that people who check out the instruments will have someone to help them with the basics. Amazingly, it’s not the only uke program in the United States. Early last year, a ukulele lending program went into effect in Omaha, Nebraska, after librarians decided that the instruments were inexpensive and portable enough for checkout.

Shhh!  Quiet down, now. You’re disturbing the ukulele superstar at the back of the room!

Jake Shimabukuro jams out in uke-friendly Highland Park Library in the Chicago 'burbs.
Jake Shimabukuro jams out at uke-friendly Highland Park Library, in the Chicago ‘burbs, in 2015.