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Aloha and welcome to Ukulele Friend.

Complied with ‘Aloha’ ~ Here you will find for purchase some of the finest handcrafted vintage and custom ukuleles in the world. From the earliest of historical ukuleles to the tonal complexities offered by the 21st century ukulele luthiers, Ukulele Friend is your specialty store focused on museum grade collectible ukuleles and musician’s choice professional ukuleles with accurate, insightful, and friendly service.

At Ukulele Friend we are excited to offer a Comparative Sound File Database through high definition video recordings and high resolution audio recordings of some of the finest handcrafted ukuleles ever to be made. At Ukulele Friend, we understand the importance of being able to capture the subtle nuances from one instrument to the next whether it be the wood combinations used by a specific builder, the body shapes themselves, or even the bracing patterns – all of which can be reflected in subtle ways through the voicing of these instruments – and so we’ve taken the time to record these rare vintage and custom ukuleles in studio for your comparative purposes.


So take a moment, dim the lights, put on your headset, turn up the volume, and experience the unique voice of each ukulele.


Circa 1895: Jose do Espirito Santo Ukulele          Custom Koa Works Tenor Ukulele


Circa 1927: Harmony ‘Aero’ Ukulele                       Custom Moore Bettah Tenor Ukulele


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