how to install a ukulele strap

How to Install a Ukulele Strap

You can take your instrument to a respected shop and have strap buttons installed, but it’s not a difficult job to tackle at home if you have a few tools and some courage.


the best apps for ukulele

The Best Apps for Ukulele Players

Here are some great apps for ukulele players to help improve your groove, teach you new techniques, or connect you with the global community of uke players.


What’s in Your Ukulele Case?

BY HEIDI SWEDBERG | PHOTOS BY STEWART DEAN Besides the ukulele, what do you keep zipped away in your case?  Your talismans and tools might say more about you than you realize. Attendees and staff at Ashokan Center’s 2018 Uke…

ukulele and strings

How to Find the Right Ukulele and Strings For You

BY SARAH MAISEL Of course, the very first thing you will think of when you hear the word “gear” is all the electronics available out there. Though that part of being a musician is fun, I’m talking about something much…