Uke Review: Kala Wanderer and Striped Ebony U-Basses

BY E.E. BRADMAN | FROM THE WINTER 2018 ISSUE OF UKULELE In the last few years, Kala’s line of U-Basses has made quite a splash. The company’s nearly 20 bass ukulele models—including fretted, fretless, and left-handed models made of mahogany,…

Uke Tales: The Graziano ‘Beatle Bass’ Electric Uke

By Sandor Nagyszalanczy I’ve played in rock n’ roll bands since I was 13 years old, typically serving as lead singer and rhythm guitar player. But in the mid/late 1990s, I met a couple of talented musicians who were as…


Ukulele Session Paul Hemmings Uketet Ukulele Magazine

Ukulele Sessions Presents the Paul Hemmings Uketet

BY GREG OLWELL Lead by ukulele player Paul Hemmings, the Paul Hemmings Uketet is on a mission to present the four-string as the melodic and harmonic centerpiece of a jazz trio. Using drums, bass, and the tight voicings available on…

Ukulele Sessions Presents Craig Chee & Sarah Maisel

Fresh from appearing in several performances and workshops at the Reno Ukulele Festival and a quick tour through California on their way back home to , Sarah Maisel and Craig Chee stopped by our studio for a session with bassist…


Kala UBASS-SSMHG-FS and Bakithi Kumalo Signature U-Bass

If there's any instrument that can match the ukulele for soul-stirring goodness and deep emotional power, it's the bass. The folks at Kala must have felt that way, too, because when the company created the U-Bass by mixing ukulele and bass together in one instrument, it was a genius move up there with combining chocolate and peanut butter.