fred sokolow

fred sokolow with his ukulele

Fred Sokolow is a perform who describes himself as "eclectic." He's led bluegrass, rock, jazz, blues and country bands, toured with Bobbie Gentry, Jim Stafford, Jody Stecher, Tom Paxton, the Limeliters and Ian Whitcomb. He plays all the stringed instruments except the bowed ones. He's appeared on lots of other people's records, done music for movies, TV and commercials, played in Hawaiian, Zydeco and Klezmer groups, but he's best known as the author of 200 instructional music books and videos for guitar, banjo, mandolin, ukulele, lap steel, Dobro and autoharp.

Favorite Album: My favorite album I made is Fred Plays Fats Waller, but if you mean an album by a favorite artist, it depends on my mood! Any Billie Holiday collection with Teddy Wilson's band is a favorite. 

Favorite Song to Play on Ukulele: It's usually the last one I learned. "Night Owl" is high up on the list.

Favorite Ukulele You Own or Your Dream Ukulele: My Kamaka...and my dream uke, which I don't own is a National.


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Fred Sokolow teaching how to solo on ukulele

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