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Greg Olwell is the former editor of Ukulele magazine and has been a staff editor and writer for several magazines including Acoustic GuitarStrings, and Bass Player. He's been wild for the music, people, history, and construction of the ukulele since hearing the first notes on Hawaiian Steel Guitar Classics: 1927–1938 [Arhoolie] back in the late-'90s. He has a special affinity for his 2001 National Style N soprano. Greg lives with his wife and daughter in Oakland, California, and plays prewar swing, blues, and jazz on double bass with several bands.

Articles by Greg Olwell

#TBT To A 1927 Hula Girl

Kalama's Quartet, in one of the only known photos of the group. By Greg Olwell For this #tbt, we're going back to a thoroughly astounding short film of one o... Read More...