heidi swedberg

heidi swedberg with her ukulele

Born in Hawaii, Heidi Swedberg's first ukulele came in an Easter basket when she was 5. She kind-of has an Emmy for her contributions to Seinfeld, and kind-of has a Grammy for the children's compilation album All About Bullies... Big and Small, and has fantasies of working her way toward a kind-of Pulitzer for her work as contributing editor at Ukulele magazine. 

Favorite Album: Jammy Smears by Ivor Cutler

Favorite Ukulele Song(s) to Play: "Arpeggio Meditation" (Daniel Ward, 2017) and "Whispering" (Schonberger, 1920)

Favorite Ukulele: A $5 unbranded vintage instrument from the '50's, rescued and resuscitated with astonishing success.


  • Play (2009) 
  • My Cup of Tea  (2013)
  • 'Tis the Season for 'Ukulele  (2019) 

Articles by Heidi Swedberg

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