Issue 004 Video

Rick Turner Compass Rose Style-C Tenor

When it comes to making instruments, Rick Turner is a man of unbridled enthusiasm. He simply loves searching through the dustbins of history for the best ideas and synthesizing those with his own concepts to make singular guitars, basses, and…

Godin multiuke

Review: Godin MultiUke

The Godin MultiUke tenor ukulele turns something old and familiar into something sleek, sophisticated, and modern for players who want to plug in


Luna Mo’o Cedar

Having entered the world of stringed instruments about a decade ago with a line of guitars designed specifically with female players in mind, Luna Guitars is the brainchild of musician and stained-glass artist Yvonne de Villiers. Luna has grown and…

Moku MS-90TC Tenor

While I met Moku Ukulele’s big Kahuna Mike Mulqueen at a recent Wine Country Ukulele Festival in Napa, California, somehow we didn’t get around to splitting a bottle of cabernet. We did, however, talk a lot about ukes. He loves…