Ukulele Fall 2022 Issue 38 Video

You’ve got the Fall 2022 issue of Ukulele and you’re ready to start playing. This is your one-stop destination for video lessons, gear reviews, and more, so grab your ukulele and play your way through the latest issue!

Kanekoa Plays “Hypnotized” and a Marvin Gaye Classic in this Ukulele Session

Stephen Inglis Performs his Ukulele Arrangement of the Grateful Dead’s “Friend of the Devil”

Jumpin’ Jim Beloff Performs “Can‘t Help But Smile”

Daniel Ward Uses “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain” as an Introduction to Chord Substitutions

Jim D’Ville Demos the Dissonance of Diminished Seventh Chords

Greg Olwell Demos the Ohana CK-570G Concert Uke

Greg Olwell Demos the Ibanez UKS100 and UKC100 Ukuleles