Watch Dani Joy and Daniel Elliott Play a Sweet Rendition of ‘Sweet Pea’

Dani Joy and Daniel Elliott stopped by the Ukulele magazine booth at NAMM 2016 to perform a song “Sweet Pea,” on their KTM00 Ukulele-KoAloha & Goldton MicroBass ukes. Listening to the delicate vocals and beautiful playing, it’s hard to believe this was captured on just one mic in a noisy room at a huge music industry convention!

Joy, who took over as a co-producer of the Reno Ukulele Fest in 2022, performs with husband Perry Stauffer as a ukulele and bass duo. They also own Starlight Ukes, a retail shop and online teaching academy. Read more about Dani Joy in the Spring 2024 issue of Ukulele magazine.


Elliott is the co-founder (with Joy’s father, Stu Herreid) of The Strum Shop in Roseville, California, a major hub of the ukulele community in the Sacramento area.