By Greg Olwell
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For this week’s Throwback Thursday, we’re watching the great Peter Moon. In this video, taken from his 1999 instructional video “Magic of the Ukulele,” Moon fingerpicks a beautiful tune called “My Sweet Sweetie” with guitarist Dwight Kanae.

As a musician, composer, producer, and teacher Moon has led one of the most influential careers in Hawaiian music, may be best known for his work with the Sunday Manoa and the Peter Moon Band.


The book Hawaiian Music & Musicians: An Encyclopedic History says of Moon, “No individual made a bigger individual contribution to the music of the Hawaiian Renaissance than Peter Moon. If Moon’s career had ended with the Sunday Manoa, his contribution would be significant. If his career had only consisted of the leadership of the Peter Moon Band, he would still be a major figure in the history of contemporary Hawaiian music.”

As far as we can find, this video is only available on VHS tape. Does anyone know if this is available on DVD? Please let us know in the comments.