Closet Find: Vintage 1930s Gretsch American Ukulele

uke banjo 1930s Gretsch American

We went to Winter NAMM: we listened, we strummed, and we conquered (if you couldn’t already tell from our series of rad ukulele artist sessions). The five-day convention came and went, and by Monday I was smack dab in the middle of my post-NAMM withdrawls–my ears still ringing and heart full of music–when I stumbled upon this vintage 1930’s Gretsch American banjo-uke in my uncle’s closet.


banjo_uke2By the wear and tear of it, it’s clear this banjo-uke, which belonged to his grandmother, has many tales to tell and has tallied many songs strummed. We thought it was a looker and wanted to share. Any extra info you uke experts might be able to provide?