Welcome the ‘Mermaid Duet’ Print to the Uke Store!

Mermaid Ukulele Duet Illustration

We’ve been busy stocking the Ukulele store with awesome products sourced from artisans around the world and are excited to share our latest finds with you. Today, meet the Mermaid Ukulele Duet Print! We instantly fell in love with this gorgeous illustration, seamlessly uniting modern and vintage styles – hand drawn with pastels in Australia  – and also with the maker behind this scene, Sam of Matou en Peluche. Read our Q & A with the very talented illustrator to learn more about the product and her story. Then, head over to the Ukulele store to get your very own print!


Q & A With Matou en Peluche

Q: Tell us a bit about yourself; how did you get started on your artistic journey?

A: I’ve always been keen at making things. Since the get-go I was into drawing, painting, acting, knitting, sewing etc! My mother was an incredibly creative soul, so there was always someone to look up to. I was encouraged in all creative endeavors by both my Mum and my Dad, actually. They gave me a lovely secure environment in which I could explore art and learn about being creative.

Q: What inspires your creativity? Any particular artists you admire?


A: I admire so many artists! I couldn’t possibly pick out a favorite. I love the cave paintings at Lascaux and the pop post modern art of Jeff Koons. I also love everything in between! Inspiration can come from anywhere; magazines, art, television, walking in nature, you name it. There’s always something I come across during the day that’s worth noting down for future reference.

Q: Do you play an instrument? What music and musicians brighten your day?

A: I learned to play the piano when I was in school which I really enjoyed, but I haven’t done that for a while! Again, like favorite artists, I think I there are too many musicians I admire and enjoy listening to to narrow it down to a couple. I guess at the moment I could say that I’m enjoying listening to Dylan LeBlanc and Marlon Williams, both of whom I have only just recently discovered.

Matou en Peluche - Collage

Q: What makes your shop and designs unique and special?

A: I think using charcoal and pastel in the way that I do is unique. I like the way I can get a smudgy line with the charcoal and anything from solid color to the mere suggestion of a hue with the pastels. My subject matter is largely centered around themes that are either slightly amusing or thoughtful and pretty. Prettiness and beauty are two aspects I always endeavor to aspire to in my work. I also have a handful of topics or themes that I concentrate on and revisit. For example I have a collection of mermaid prints, a set of cat prints, a set of girls with cats prints and so on. I like building up these particular genres. It’s like working on different universes!

Q: Did we miss anything you’d like to mention?


A: I can’t think of anything else to mention other than thank you for the opportunity to answer these questions! Also, I have a blog which I’ve had for over seven years: www.matouenpeluche.typepad.com. It’s my digital scrap book where I chat about things I’ve come across that have caught my eye and where I also discuss the background story to my drawings.


We are so excited to have Sam and her gorgeous print featured in our store, and we hope you head over and get your very own Mermaid print today!