Welcome the Retro Ukulele Tote Bag to the Uke Store!



We’re continuing to stock the Ukulele store with awesome products sourced from artisans around the world and are excited to share our latest finds with you. Today, help us welcome the newest addition to the store: the Retro Ukulele Tote! We just loved this quirky illustration, seamlessly uniting modern and vintage styles – screen printed in Monterey, CA  – and also with the maker behind this scene, Casey of Vitamini. Read our Q & A with the very talented illustrator to learn more about the product and her story. Then, head over to the Ukulele store to get your very own tote!


Q & A With Vitamini


Q: Tell us a bit about yourself; how did you get started on your artistic journey?

A: Hello! My name is Casey and I’m the designer and maker at Vitamini. My line is based on my retro/modern prints and illustrations I sketch, design, and screen print all of my products myself in my home studio in the hills of Monterey County, California. I started my business on a whim in 2008 selling hand screen printed Valentine’s Day cards and haven’t stopped creating since.


Vitamini - Designer Casey



Q: What inspires your creativity? Any particular artists you admire?

A: I’m inspired by architecture, landscapes, and travel, plants, and anything related to mid-century design. I’m really into architectural diagrams, sketches, and renderings. Thrift shops are inspiring places for me – I love browsing around looking at old stuff.


Q: Do you play an instrument? What music and musicians brighten your day?

A: I come from a family full of musicians. As a kid, the question never was, “what sport do you want to play?” but more like “what instrument do you want to play?” It started with piano lessons with my grandma, then later clarinet and flute for the school band. I love all sorts of music and am thankful for apps like Pandora and Spotify, especially when I’m working in my studio.


Vitamini - Behind the Scenes


Q: What makes your shop and designs unique and special?

A: You know that feeling you get when you find the absolutely perfect gift for someone? I made it my job to create products that strike a chord and encourage people to celebrate their unique passions and interests.



Q: Did we miss anything you’d like to mention?

A: You can follow my work on Instagram at www.instagram.com/vitaminimodern

Thanks so much for having me, Ukulele!


We are very pleased to have Casey featured in our store, and we hope you head over and grab a uke tote today!