Flame Maple Fretted U•BASS by Kala
MSRP: $559.99

The Flame Maple Fretted U•BASS® has a wood grain with curled figuring from which it takes its name. This U•BASS has a Mid-Century Modern asymmetrical rosette of Mahogany and Maple. Flame Maple has a focused, transparent tone with excellent note separation and a strong attack and projection.

All Solid Bamboo Fretted U•BASS by Kala
MSRP: $389.99


Highly renewable and sustainable, the Bamboo U•BASS® is beautifully natural-looking with clean lines and bamboo from top to bottom. Bamboo provides a bright tone with great volume, harmonics, projection and sustain. The strength of bamboo makes for an extremely durable and resilient U•BASS. 


UBASS-BMB-FS, All Solid Bamboo (left) and UBASS-FM-FS, Flame Maple (right)

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