Final Results are in for the second annual Holly Jolly Ukulele Contest!

Thanks for your participation in the Holly Jolly Ukulele Contest

And a big thank you to all of our finalists for sharing such creative, spirited videos with us! Every one of our entrants deserves a round of applause and a big high five.

The solo winner will get the Cordoba 23T and the winning ensemble will get to share the Cordoba 35T-CE. Plus, the first 20 entrants will receive one pack of GHS strings.



[youtube=]Foggy Otis
[yop_poll id=”7″]
[youtube=] Whim
[youtube=]Honolulu Avenue Strummers
[youtube=]Marilyn & the G-Strings
[youtube=] Tom and Rena


[youtube=] Francis O’Keefe
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[youtube=]Paul Hemmings
[youtube=]Tyler Sugimoto
[youtube=] Kyle Frazer
[youtube=] Jeff haun

Thanks again to all who entered: watch all the entries in this playlist!