What’s Your Ukulele Skill Level?


This guide originally appeared as part of the feature on Daphne Roubini and Ruby’s Ukes school in Vancouver, also from the Winter 2017 issue.

To help students and teachers evaluate a student’s progress and fit them into the best courses for their skills, Ruby’s Ukes set up a guide for skill levels.

Beginner I (Absolute Beginner)

This level is perfect for the complete novice, and someone just starting to play who knows one or two chords.


Beginner II (Advanced Beginner and Beyond)

This level is for people who have completed the Beginner I course, or been playing for a little while on your own, and can strum a simple tune, fluidly, with basic chords (C, F, G7, Am, E7; haven’t done B-flat well yet). You can move from one chord to another with ease, and play a melody by reading simple tablature (the easy number system to read a melody line).

Intermediate I

You know a variety of basic chords (A, Am, A7, C, C7, Em, B7, D7, E7, Gm, Dm, G7, Am7), and can easily make a B-flat shape; you can read tablature and play melodies; understand chord progressions (such as I, IV, V); you can learn chords and tunes fairly quickly; and your playing has a steady rhythm and fluidity.

Intermediate II (and Beyond)

You have completed Intermediate I or are ready for playing beyond the skills of Intermediate I. This class evolves and consolidates your playing.