Ukulele Sales Remain Hot, Retailers Say

These are boom times for the ukulele. A new survey of retailers conducted by Musical Merchandise Review finds that sales of the ukulele show no signs of cooling off. In fact, 51% of business surveyed said that sales of the…


Kala UBASS-SSMHG-FS and Bakithi Kumalo Signature U-Bass

If there's any instrument that can match the ukulele for soul-stirring goodness and deep emotional power, it's the bass. The folks at Kala must have felt that way, too, because when the company created the U-Bass by mixing ukulele and bass together in one instrument, it was a genius move up there with combining chocolate and peanut butter.

National Reso-Phonic Style O

Even before the rise of that demon electricity, our forebears craved more volume from their acoustic instruments. In the process of looking for loudness, they tried many solutions, like building larger instruments or stealing the archtop idea from the violin…


Lanikai SOTTU-T Tenor Thinline and LUTU-21S

Lanikai smelled something fishy about ukuleles and spent the last three years working on a way to improve the instrument’s intonation. Borrowing from decades of guitar design innovations and focusing it on the jumping flea, they came up with a…