Five Days of Ukulele Bliss in Maryland


The lineup of performers and workshop hosts for this year’s Uke and Guitar Summit in North Bethesda, Maryland will include Victoria Vox, James Hill, Stuart Fuchs and Ukulele magazine contributor Marcy Marxer.

The uke heavy, five-day event kicks off on August 9 and runs through the 13th, and will be held at the Music Center in Strathmore.

Marxer, whose amusing account of meeting ukulele legend Roy Smeck will appear in the Fall issue of Ukulele magazine, is, along with her strumming partner, Cathy Fink, a two-time Grammy Award winner.

According to the Uke and Guitar Summit’s website, events will include “classes, jam sessions, concerts, music workshops and both hula and yoga classes.”


The price for five-days of ukulele bliss? $340 if you register before July 2, and $375 if you do so after.