Victoria Vox


Kevin Carroll's Ukestra Class out on the grounds of Asilomar.

A Look at the West Coast Ukulele Retreat

by Jim D’Ville The West Coast Ukulele Retreat is a four-day sea-level ukulele immersion. It’s a strumming and singing extravaganza with nearly 100 old friends, or soon to be new friends. Held in early May in Pacific Grove, California on the…

Victoria Vox - When the Night Unravels

Victoria Vox’s album ‘Return to the Night’

Vox’s return to the night Victoria Vox © Philip Laubner Our Spring 2015 issue’s cover subject, Victoria Vox, could write her soulful pop ballads on almost any instrument and make them work, but by choosing ukulele, she seems free to tap into…


Victoria Vox with ukulele

Pop-Fueled Uke Chanteuse Victoria Vox

If there hasn’t been a university study on the psychological and sociological benefits of playing the ukulele, now might be a good time—and Victoria Vox could be the Test Case.

Five Days of Ukulele Bliss in Maryland

The lineup of performers and workshop hosts for this year’s Uke and Guitar Summit in North Bethesda, Maryland will include Victoria Vox, James Hill, Stuart Fuchs and Ukulele magazine contributor Marcy Marxer. The uke heavy, five-day event kicks off on…