Victoria Vox’s album ‘Return to the Night’

Vox’s return to the night

Victoria Vox (c) Philip Laubner
Victoria Vox © Philip Laubner

Our Spring 2015 issue’s cover subject, Victoria Vox, could write her soulful pop ballads on almost any instrument and make them work, but by choosing ukulele, she seems free to tap into many styles, including Hawaiian, swing, and country.

Vox shows great range on When the Night Unravels, and her uke playing is accompanied by everything from horns to synths. She pairs playful tunes such as “Supermoon” and “Mail Order Bride” with darker, moody songs like “Echo,” all of which connect back to her Night theme.


Vox is a romantic, a poet, and a ukulele lover, and this is an album you’ll share with friends—whether they like ukulele or not.

 This article originally appeared in the Spring 2015 issue of Ukulele magazine.
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