Jim D’Ville Tour Kicks Off September 5

An enabler of the ukulele (and contributing editor to this publication), Jim D’Ville is taking his “Play Ukulele By Ear” workshop on the road for a series of tour dates in across New England and Michigan.

September 5 Pioneer Valley Ukulele Community, Northampton, Massachusetts

September 7 The Great Vermont Ukulele Gathering, Bristol, Vermont

September 9 Ukulele Sistas, Brattleboro, Vermont

September 11 SNHUG, Seabrook, New Hampshire


September 13 Ukuleles Heal The World, Portland, Maine

September 14 The Bazz Community Theater, Belfast, Maine

September 15 Lake Larrson School, Brooksville, Maine

September 21 Elderly Instruments, Lansing, Michigan

September 21 Bayberry Music, Ferndale (Detroit), Michigan

For information on all events and advance registration visit:

This tour will emphasize his “Emotional Value of Chords” lesson, which D’Ville touched on in a lesson in the Winter 2016 issue.