Lil’ Rev Raising Funds for Next Album

By Greg Olwell

One of the ukulele community’s favorite performers has started a crowd-funding effort for his next album.

Titled Sing Song Daddy, Lil’ Rev‘s next album will include 15 to 20 new songs written for ukulele and voice, with accompaniment by some of his favorite local musicians. Some of the songs have been road-tested, while others have poured out of his pen more recently.

As the Sheboygan, Wisconsin-based musician writes in the pitch on GoFundMe, (take a deep breath), “The songs speak of love, loss, redemption, renewal, blues, friendship, polarization, compromise, contemplation, labor history, ukulele madness, humor, miracles, the vaudeville era, civil war, and so much more.”


Rev hopes to record the album in April in order to have it ready for listeners in time for a summer tour along the West Coast of the US.

You can read more and contribute here.

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