Welcome the Retro Ukulele Print to the Uke Store!

We’re continuing to stock the Ukulele store with awesome products sourced from artisans around the world and are excited to share our latest finds with you. Today, help us welcome the newest addition to the store: the Retro Ukulele Print! We gravitated to the beautiful graphics — the soft colors, the adorable ukulele — and the illustrator behind the magic, Nick of Everything is Jake. Read our Q & A with the very talented designer to learn more about the product and his story. Then, head over to the Ukulele store to get your very own print!


Q&A With Everything is Jake:


Q: Tell us a bit about yourself; how did you get started on your artistic journey?

A: I first started drawing at 3 years old, which started a lifelong passion to create.  I’ve worked in a lot of different mediums and went to school for product design before finally finding a niche as a digital artist.


Q: What inspires your creativity? Any particular artists you admire?

A: The Hawaiian landscape is great for inspiring creativity and is the subject of most of my work. My print designs normally start by visiting a location, going on a hike or surfing a new surf spot.  I go back to my studio and sketch ideas.  Once I find a concept that I am excited about I will develop it to completion.  I admire Charley Harper’s illustrations, Raymond Loewy’s design aesthetic as well as any signage from the 50’s and 60’s.



Nick Kuchar -- Designer


Q: Do you play an instrument? What music and musicians brighten your day?

A: I grew up playing drums.  I strum a bit on the guitar and uke, and I am currently (trying) to learn the piano.  Playing music is another great way to express creativity (as well as relieve stress).  While I work on art and design projects I listen to a lot of Bob Dylan, Avett Brothers and the Decemberists.  My favorite Hawaiian musicians are George Helm and the Makaha Sons.


Q: What makes your shop and designs unique and special?

A: My art brings a contemporary aesthetic to vintage travel prints.  Most of my prints are ultimately a study of composition and color palette. I attempt for the prints to appear simple yet well thought out at first glance.  My goal is to capture the feel of each location when I create a piece.  I am always excited when someone is stoked on my artwork.


Print -- See Oahus North Shore



Q: Did we miss anything you’d like to mention?

A: Thanks for the opportunity to answer a few questions!  Keep creating!


We really appreciate having Nick as one of our resident artists and we hope you enjoy his artwork as much as we do. Head over to the store to his his beautiful print today!