Welcome the Ukulele Keychain to the Uke Store!

Our expansion of the Ukulele store, featuring awesome products sourced from artisans around the world, is continuing and we are so excited to share our favorites with you. Today, enjoy an awesomely adorable addition to the store: the Ukulele Keychain! We just love this little guy — the silhouette, the durability– and we loved meeting the creator behind the scenes, Dave of White Summer Creations. Read our Q & A with the very talented maker to learn more about the product and his story. Then, head over to the Ukulele store to get your very own uke keychain today!


Q&A With White Summer Creations


Q: Tell us a bit about yourself; how did you get started on your artistic journey?

A:  It all started with my son.  When he was 3, he wasn’t talking or making eye contact, but he was a whiz at puzzles.  I bought a scroll saw to make him some customized learning puzzles to help him learn to talk.  Then I made my daughter a cool shaped castle sign.  I became pretty skilled at cutting these intricate shaped things.  Several friends encouraged me to sell them, so I opened an Etsy shop.   After a while, I came up with the idea of using recycled plastic for keychains and they turned out great!   The Autism Puzzle Guitar was one of my very first keychains, and it’s still my favorite!



Q: What inspires your creativity? Any particular artists you admire?

A:  I come up with a lot of my ideas creating gifts for friends.   That’s how I have a lot of the dog keychains, they all started as gifts for friends!  Living in Florida, I love the art of Wyland.  He does some amazing work!


Q: Do you play an instrument? What music and musicians brighten your day?

A:  I play the guitar and the ukulele.  I visited Hawaii several times and fell in love with the uke!  Then I started listening to Iz and Jake Shimabukuro.  So good!  Listen to “Facing Future” and tell me that doesn’t melt all your troubles away!


Q: What makes your shop and designs unique and special?


A:  I’ve designed my keychains to be the absolute best quality.  The combination of recycled plastic and stainless steel parts makes them virtually indestructible while still being  very lightweight.  And I cut them all by hand with a scroll saw!


Thank you so much to Dave for the awesome design, and we hope you join us in giving him a hearty welcome to the website! If you’re interested in reading more about the recycled products Dave uses in his designs, head over to our store and read his blurb in our Ukulele Keychain listing.