summer 2018

New Grave Marker for the Earliest Known Ukulele Builder1

New Memorial Commemorates Early Ukulele Builder

After more than 100 years of tropical weather in Honolulu’s Makiki Cemetery, the inscription on the gravestone of Augusto Dias is barely legible: AUGUSTO DIAS FALECEO/A 5 DE FEVE DE 1915 COM 73 ANNOS DE EDADE That’s why a group…


Swing Like Casey Macgill Ukulele Lesson

Uke Lesson: Swing Like Casey MacGill

BY ADAM PERLMUTTER | FROM THE SUMMER 2018 ISSUE OF UKULELE During the swing era, guitarists played simple but effective accompaniment—mainly two- and three-note chord voicings, played squarely on downbeats, four strums per bar. The guitar is a considerably larger…