Taimane Teaches Her Triplet Technique

By Greg Olwell

In her first instructional video, the prodigiously talented Taimane Gardner breaks down her three-fingered triplet technique.

This plucking-hand technique is a cornerstone of classical guitar and a great one to add to your toolbox of ukulele techniques. Watch Taimane’s video for the basic movement and for some inspiration on how you can blend this into your playing.

The only advice we could add to her tutorial would be to practice this technique using a metronome once you get the basic motion and feel of the thumb-middle-index fingers working together. Start slowly and work on getting those triplets even. (It might help to say “trip-ah-let” out loud for each triplet.)


Now, about that ukulele: Taimane plays a custom 5-string Kamaka that uses a doubled low-G string.